Rotary Club of Sheffield Vulcan

A message from our President – Lynn Washer

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Sheffield Vulcan

President Lynn WasherThe Rotary International Theme for 2016-2017 is ‘Rotary Serving Humanity’.

Serving Humanity is something Rotary has always been involved with, both Nationally and Internationally.

This year 2016, is also a special year for Rotary’s own Charity Foundation, which celebrates 100 years of helping people around the World.

When Nepal was hit by violent earthquakes last year, Rotarians from around the world joined together to rebuild houses, schools and hospitals which had been destroyed. These buildings were paid for by the Rotary Foundation Charity, which was at the centre of aiding Nepal financially. Whilst Nepal still needs help and will do so for the foreseeable future, Rotary ensured the Nepalese had shelter and could start rebuilding their lives.

Rotary is also very proud of helping to give low cost clean water in arid parts of Africa, by building Sand Dams a scheme we are all very proud of.

Nearer to home, the floods in Yorkshire and Cumbria, devastated lives earlier this year, with many people being flooded for the second or even third time. Rotarians from various parts of the British Isles donated money and Rotarians who lived near the affected areas gave physical help.

Local charities are helped by Rotary and Rotarians giving their time and money to help others.

If you would like to learn more about Rotary, want to help others and at the same time, join a sociable and friendly group of people, then please contact Vulcan Rotary and be our guest at one of our meetings. We meet every Tuesday evening, enjoy a meal, listen to a speaker (our speakers are from various organisations) and enjoy good company.

The Rotary Club of Sheffield Vulcan meets at 18:30 on Tuesday Evenings
at Abbeydale Sports Club, Abbeydale Road South, S17 3LJ

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