The Rotary Club of Sheffield Vulcan gave a helping hand to Dore Gala on Saturday 12th July 2014. On a brilliant day of sunshine and warm temperatures members of the club helped to raise over £12,000.

I was fortunate to visit the Dore Gala on 12 July partially to see the Spitfire (a Mk 5B Clipped wing version) but also to see the efforts Vulcan Club members put into “our” stall in the centre of the Recreation Ground. President John had a model railway display which Alan Brown, Richard Lowe and Alan Cull helped install but the accolade of the day must go to Tony Cosens for his efforts. Not content with displaying his external combustion engine he also put up competitive items, loads of leaflets relating our Vulcan achievements and loads more. Graham Woods was also in attendence and I am confident others turned after I came home. Well done Vulcan – and IC Chris Jones of course.

Ed’s note: I spotted Roger Cattell and Rob Prior from the photos. No prizes for guessing Richard’s mode of transport on the day. The first person to mention to me anything odd about these photos will win special recognition, I hestiate to say reward.

Also, from Richard Lowe… “for those not in the know the clipped wings were to give a better rate of roll and better low altitude handling. However nothing beats the beauty of the original elliptical tipped wings.” Brian Midgley, photos by Alan Brown